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Opioid Education


Due to the repetitive, physical nature of the career we see a higher level of opioid prescriptions issued to our industry's workforce. The AGC of Kentucky Opioid Education encourages the use of safe disposal bags as a tool to diminish the number of unused opioids in circulation. Our Opioid Education has several goals, each aimed to benefit your company’s employees and families. These goals are education, prevention, and protection. Please use the below tools developed by our committee for YOUR company to use. We hope you see value in utilizing these tools and consider circulating them throughout your company.
Prevention: the tri-fold pamphlet provides detail on how to prepare yourself or family member to discuss pain relief options prior to treatment by a medical provider.

Protection: the Deterra bag is a safe way to dispose of any unused and unwanted opioids in your own home. Deterra - https://shop.deterrasystem.com/ (orders of 3 or less) Health Care Logistics – www.gohcl.com (orders of 10 or more)

Education: the 4”x9” card titled Opioid Reduction Initiative gives some very startling facts about the “pathway” to opioid abuse and addition.

A fourth tool that the committee felt to be beneficial is the “Roll Out Best Practices” document.  Here they provide ideas on implementation in your own company.


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