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*Affiliate: The Affiliate role has the same privileges as a Primary to modify the organization information and associates within the member portal. There can be more than one affiliate contact in the membership. 

*Representative (Rep): The Rep role can only access and change their own personal member information, they cannot edit any organization information. They also have the ability to renew the membership online so long as that permission is granted to the primary and affiliates as well (member portal menu options.)
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Membership Options
Type Organization Record
Description Our bylaws define an Associate Member as "A Firm which supplies materials or services to Prime Contractor and Specialty Contractor members and performs no onsite construction." Information provided on this application will appear in our membership directory unless otherwise specified by the member. 
Membership Cost $790.00
Membership Length 12 month(s)
Membership term effective through: 12/31/2019 Total $790.00
Online Directory 15 online directory categories are included with the membership.
Additional Contacts
Affiliates 5 affiliate level contacts are included with the membership.
Representatives 5 representative level contacts are included with the membership.
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